MailChimp Specialist

Your weekly or monthly email campaigns – taken care of from beginning to end.

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social media marketing

Daily and weekly management for your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn pages.

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WordPress + Custom Graphics

Have a WordPress site? Need help publishing blogs each week, maintaining the backend, SEO, plugins – we can help. We also have solid graphic design experience and can create custom graphics for social media and more in Photoshop/Illustrator.

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Working in a startup nyc

8 Reasons Why Working For A NYC Startup Was My Best Career Move

After deciding I could no longer spend my life auditioning for Broadway shows and waiting tables (let's face it -- I was burned out from singing 16 bars), I then spent many years working 9-6pm "assistant" jobs in NYC. I worked for a hedge fund, I worked as a nanny (another fave…
Emily Ryan Works

Google Drive In Under 5 Minutes

I love Google Drive. And you should too. And I love making video tutorials. This time I used my fave Chrome extension and app- OpenTest to make this video for ya. Learn the basics of Google Drive in under 5 minutes. Click here to watch the video.      
Emily Ryan Works Virtual Assistance

My Typical Work Day: Broken Down

I've always loved blog posts where people lay out their "real" day-in-the-life schedule. I get a kick out of seeing how people spend their time. And when they're really honest about it. Working from home has always been a dream of mine and it's a lifestyle that is all new to…

My Top 6 Fave “Finder” Tips (Mac users)

If you have an Apple computer, chances are you use "Finder" all day, every day. And chances are you don't know half of the little things that this smart little file organizer can do. Finder for Mac OS X is basically everything. It IS your computer.  No, is. And there are…

Top 10 Ways To Organize Your Social Media Life

If there's one thing I feel I could talk about a little it's social media. There are so many wonderful things about being connected to people from all parts of your life and also with the whole world. I rely on social media for nearly everything – from breaking news,…
YouTube - Twitter List Tutorial

Emily Shows You How To Setup A Twitter “List” (one of Twitter’s most useful features)

I recently listened to a great podcast (I believe it was an episode of Entrepreneur on Fire) that discussed ways to find your true calling. In it, they said to think of something that comes EASILY and naturally to you. Something that people might come to you with questions about. Something that you…