Client Testimonials

Here is what a few great people had to say about working with me:

Stephen Rudy

Stephen Rudy CEO, Gradian Health Systems


Emily was instrumental in building Gradian from its early start up days into a social venture with medical technology installations in 22 countries. She is remarkably versatile, demonstrating an ability to learn complex operations and scale them. As an example, she built our social media from an embarrassing web site into a vibrant on-line presence across multiple outlets. Through her effort our work became visible to donors, physicians, advocacy groups and other constituents. She also designed much of our collateral and the graphic look we present in public. Emily played a key role in the design and execution of our finance system including accounting and reporting, and the complexities of managing transactions in multiple currencies. This ranged from creating Board packages to figuring out how to pay contractors in Sierra Leone. Emily managed our complex international logistics which includes shipping large machines to post-conflict countries, coordinating the international travel of clinical and engineering trainers, and organizing staff itineraries that left travel agents in tears. All this while managing the office. Emily is a skilled, enthusiastic and versatile team player with enormous passion and energy for what she does. This is someone I would recruit for the next start-up team.

Val Geisler

Val Geisler Digital Strategist at ConvertKit and Owner of The Hive in Columbus, OH


“Every whip smart business owner knows that social media can be a massive time suck and yet it remains essential to building your clientele and community. Ditto for that email newsletter. Formatting, attaching, commenting, scheduling? If only it could just do it all itself, amIright?! Thank the Small Business Gods for savvy socials like Emily. This powerhouse is dedicated to helping you create a welcoming and effective social media and email marketing experience that will knock the socks off of you AND your clients. Every entrepreneur needs Emily on their team today!"

Julia Warren

Julia Warren Executive Director/Founder, celebrate!RVA


Emily has made my life better in every way - she has not only become a trusted business resource who I know I can count on, but also a dear friend. I respect her opinion and know that she is always looking out for our organizations best interest. She is on top of things and I never wonder when work will be sent (oftentimes, I don't even have time to wonder about it, because its in my inbox so quickly!) or worry that a social media post, email, or call will be taken care of. Em is a rockstar at what she does and someone I deeply admire and appreciate for all her work!

Erica Frenkel

Erica Frenkel Chief Operating Officer at Gradian Health Systems


Emily was the 3rd employee at Gradian and has since been the glue that binds everything together. Brought on as an administrative coordinator, she quickly demonstrated the breadth of her strengths. Emily is meticulously organized and efficient - she consistently thinks 3-4 steps ahead and has a plan to cover those steps. This not only allows her to be a master at juggling multiple projects, it has facilitated her becoming an expert in the complicated international shipping and logistics that our business requires. One of the hardest tasks to keep up with when wearing as many hats as Emily does is social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Emily, however, is a natural - she single-handedly built our social media presence from nothing and manages it still on a daily basis. Bottom is: Emily has been an vibrant and invaluable asset to our company - I would want her on any team I build in the future.

Christine Cook

Christine Cook Owner/Founder, Positive-Energy Fitness + Health


Emily has been SO helpful to me! As a solo-preneur, I often feel like I am working in a vacuum. I don't have others to bounce ideas off of or to ask a tech question. To compound issues, I've never actually worked in an office so I don't have the skills that most business owners have (I was formerly an elementary school teacher). Now I do...thanks to Emily. She is willing to either DO the work or TEACH me how. I love that mix and am oh-so-happy to have her in my "office".